Seed Investment Fund

Seed Investment Seed Investment Fund

The Seed Investment Fund is a $27 million fund managed by ANU Connect Ventures on behalf of the ANU-MTAA Super Venture Capital Partnership that will invest in early-stage commercial opportunities arising out of research at the ANU, other ACT-based research institutions and local R&D companies.

ANU Connect Ventures will consider seed investments of up to $500,000 per enterprise. Funds will ordinarily be provided in two or more tranches against measurable and meaningful milestones.

Follow-On investment
Investee companies in receipt of  seed investment from ANU Connect Ventures will be eligible for follow-on funding from an ANU, MTAA co-investment program. Follow-on investments do not have a formalised funding limit and are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

The Application Process

Organisations seeking seed funding should submit an Expression of interest. These are accepted at any time and can be submitted using the online form.
expression of interest »

Once the form has been received, an Investment Manager will guide applicants through the assessment process. ANU Connect Ventures will assess the likelihood of the venture to meet our investment criteria, which may involve a detailed review of documentation relating to the business that include:

  • Business plans
  • Financial records
  • Corporate structure and ownership
  • Intellectual property value and rights

Investment Criteria

A successful investment will require the commercialization opportunity to exhibit all or a significant majority of the following criteria:

  1. High rate of return of 5 times or greater on the capital invested.
  2. Expected realization of the investment in a 3-8 year period
  3. Potential for high revenue growth in both Australian and international markets.
  4. Identifiable potential to secure external grant funding and venture capital co-investment.
  5. Proprietary technology, product or service that can be appropriately protected by patents, registered designs, circuit layout rights, plant variety rights, or regulatory or other barriers to entry.
  6. A realistic business plan with appropriate key operational milestones and specific external fund raising objectives for meeting growth and revenue targets.
  7. Credentials of the management team and the willingness of inventors to work with the project company CEO and management team (if appropriate).
  8. Identifiable exit strategy in a reasonable period of time by an IPO, trade sale, joint venture, other syndication or through appropriate licensing arrangements.
  9. Potential benefits to ACT and or wider Canberra region

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