Discovery Translation Fund

The Discovery Translation Fund assists the commercialisation of new technologies and innovations from The Australian National University (ANU), the University of Canberra (UC) and Charles Sturt University (CSU). It is managed on behalf of these Canberra region research and education institutions by ANU Connect Ventures (ANUCV). The goal of DTF  is to help bridge the critical funding gap between discovery research and the commercial development of new technologies or the establishment of new ventures.

Grants can be awarded up up to $50,000 per project, with funding above $50,000 considered for projects of exceptional commercial potential. Funding above $50,000 on any one project can only be awarded conditionally and will be accessible only on the demonstration of a significant commercial milestone.

Expressions of Interest are accepted at any time, and reviewed at periodic Evaluation Committee Meetings, with promising submissions invited to submit a more detailed application. Researcher applicants will receive support in developing an Expression of Interest and subsequent Full Application and presentation if invited, though the relevant office of the submitting institution:

ANUCV will undertake initial reviews of all submissions and may seek clarifications or further information before releasing to the DTF Evaluation Committee. The Evaluation Committee will make final funding recommendations based on its assessment of projects against the eligibility and merit criteria below. Final funding decisions, based on the recommendations of ANUCV, are made at the discretion of The Australian National University, the University of Canberra and Charles Sturt University.

Applications are now open for DTF Round 3

Eligibility Requirements

  • Project applications from the ANU must be submitted to the ANU Technology Transfer Office (send to: After preliminary assessment by the tech transfer team a decision regarding DTF submission will be made in consultation with the research team, School Director and TTO Director.
  • Project applications from UC & CSU must be submitted with the approval of the University of Canberra or Charles Sturt University.
  • DTF 3.0 projects must be based on intellectual property which the submitting institution has the right to commercialise.
  • Applicants must be able to demonstrate the need for financial assistance from the fund.
  • Projects must be able to be completed within 12 to 18 months of commencement, as appropriate to the discipline and project proposed.
  • Project Researchers must agree to be bound by the DTF Procedures for Funding Obtained (available on request).

Merit Criteria

Projects must have identifiable commercial potential and present a strong case for their likelihood of success. The Evaluation Committee will assess potential projects against the following:

Concept or Technology

  • The underlying science, technology or concept is of high quality
  • The IP is novel and creates a barrier to competition
  • The submitting institution has rights to commercialise IP resulting from the project

Commercial Case

  • The market need is described and reasonably addressed by the technology
  • The technology has a realistic, viable path to market in a reasonable timeline
  • The proposed project compares favourably to existing competitors in the market
  • The potential market size will create a demand for the technology, and is growing


  • The applicant has demonstrated a need for funding, and investigated other sources
  • The applicant has secured complementary resources from his/her institution, school, faculty
  • The project will allow leveraging of funding from other external sources

Project Execution

  • The applicant has demonstrated a strong team with the knowledge and experience required to complete the project. The team is likely to be able to undertake further development work to bring a product to market. Collaborators fill critical gaps in the main team.
  • The planned activities are likely to achieve the proposed outcomes. The timeframes are realistic. The distribution of work and sequence of milestones is likely to produce satisfactory outcomes.
  • The requested funds are part of a reasonable budget, and present a viable value proposition based on the intended project outcomes.

More Information on Applying

More information on applying for funding from the Discovery Translation Fund 3.0 is available in the DTF Guidelines. If you have further questions, please contact Jo Gash.

Reporting templates

Milestone Report template

Completed Project Report template

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