Kim Pullen

Chief Operations Officer

Phone   +61 2 612 50893
Mobile  0423 216 402

Kim Pullen brings experience in university technology transfer and senior research management to her role at ANU Connect Ventures (ANUCV) where she oversees the execution of fund strategy with the company’s operations and investment teams.

Kim joined ANUCV in 2016 from the ANU Research School of Engineering where she was School Manager. Prior to that, Kim led teams delivering research management in the ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science and the ANU Colleges of Science.

Kim has a blended role incorporating the management of the Discovery Translation Fund (DTF) and the Seed Investment Fund and takes oversight of all company operations. As Company Secretary, she manages the corporate governance of ANUCV including reporting obligations to stakeholders and reviews investment opportunities for adherence with investment criteria and requirements of the Venture Capital Act.

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